What Kind of Maintenance Does a Ferrari Need?

While owning a Ferrari is a huge accolade, it also means that it needs extensive care and maintenance to keep its value. Conversely, correctly maintaining your Ferrari and driving it on occasions can significantly appreciate the vehicle's value. There's no doubt about that, considering Ferrari only produces approximately 7,000 cars per year across all its models. You may be wondering what all do you need to do to upkeep your beloved Ferrari:

  1. Protect the Paint - In recent times, ceramic coatings, also known as nano-ceramic protective paint coatings, have increased in popularity as a trusted method of protecting a vehicle's exterior against scratches and external damages. Getting your premium paint an extra layer of protection will ensure it's safe, and the best part is that it will last you over a year! Whereas traditional wax may only last you for a couple of weeks. 
  2. Hand Washes - Due to the Ferrari's ceramic coating, it's essential to wash it by hand instead of taking it to an automated car wash, resulting in scratches and damages. Weekly or bi-weekly washes are recommended depending on how often you use your Ferrari. Aside from keeping it shiny and clean, washing is necessary to uphold the appearance and value of your vehicle. For hand-washing tips, please visit our previous blog.
  3. Apply Protectant on Interior - We've discussed a lot of exterior care tips, but what about the interior? Of course - the interior is just as important! Interior surfaces such as seats, carpet, and floor mats are sensitive to the effects of aging and wear, which is why you should clean them regularly. You can try surface protective coatings to reduce leather and fabric wear impacts, as they have chemical properties that shield against stains, premature aging, and sun damage.
  4. Get Preventative Maintenance Services - Lastly, general automotive maintenance can take your Ferrari a long way. While taking measures to protect the body and interior of a Ferrari are essential, doing so will have a minor impact on its resale value if the engine performance is not up to par. Regular car maintenance doesn't have to burden your time or wallet, especially not at JFM Motors. Our expert team provides the best of the best service and repairs when it comes to Ferraris. Need your belts, gaskets, bearings, and seals repaired? What about fluid changes? We got you. A benefit of Ferraris is that some of them can go up to 10,000 miles before needing an oil change. This also helps minimize the costs associated with frequent oil changes in other vehicles.

If you are a proud Ferrari owner who wants to preserve the value of your car, please start now by giving JFM Motors a call or visit today.