What is Ferrari CST?

CST, or Controllo Stabilità e Trazione, is a Ferrari stability control system that helps improve the handling and safety of the vehicle. This advanced system is specifically designed for Ferrari sports cars and supercars and is a standard feature on all newer models.

The CST system works by continuously monitoring various sensors throughout the Ferrari, including the steering angle, lateral acceleration, and wheel speed. By analyzing this information, the system can detect if the car is approaching its limits of traction and stability, and can intervene by adjusting the engine torque and brake force to prevent a loss of control.

One of the key benefits of the CST system is that it allows drivers to enjoy the full performance potential of their Ferrari while still maintaining a high level of safety. With the system engaged, drivers can push their car to the limit without worrying about losing control or spinning out.

In addition to improving handling and safety, the CST system also provides drivers with additional confidence and peace of mind. Knowing that the car has advanced stability control technology can make all the difference when driving on challenging roads or in adverse weather conditions.

If you own a Ferrari and are experiencing handling or stability issues, it's important to have your car inspected by a qualified mechanic. At JFM Motors, we can perform a diagnostic test to determine if the CST system is functioning properly and make any necessary recommendation for repairs to ensure your Ferrari is operating at its best.

CST is an important and advanced stability control system that Ferrari has developed to improve the handling and safety of their sports cars and supercars. If you're a Ferrari owner, we welcome you to our auto repair shop for the best service and repairs around!