What Can Happen If You Let Your Luxury Car Sit Too Long?

From time to time, you may face circumstances that cause you to drive less or stop using your automobile altogether. Sickness, injury, the switch to a healthier lifestyle, change of careers, or even a pandemic may all lead you to keep your luxury vehicle parked for an extended period of time. Nevertheless, we may also be on vacation for weeks in the summer. So is it bad for our cars to be left sitting? 


Well, automobiles are made for the road, and different parts will decline if they do not operate for a while. You must give your car a short drive after sitting for some time to prevent specific issues from happening. Here are some of the problems that can take place with an idle vehicle:


The Battery May Die

Whenever you run your car, the battery gets charged by the alternator. If it is left too long without the recharge, your battery discharges slowly and eventually dies. Keep in mind that your vehicle's battery is engineered to hold a charge for a long time. Nevertheless, the alternator is critical for keeping it at optimum capacity. A battery that remains dead for long may eventually take on irreversible damage, making it unavoidable to get a replacement.


Brake Parts May Rust

If your brakes are not used for an extended time, they are likely to rust. Rusted brakes are very dangerous and problematic. It might be severe enough to where you may need to replace the necessary parts before driving again. You can determine if the brakes have deteriorated if they produce loud grinding and squeaking noises. Another sign is a loss in grip due to the decline of brake fluid. If you notice these signs, get your automobile to JFM Motor Cars promptly.


Tires Get Deflated

Flat tires are the most prominent signs that your car has been sitting for too long. When tires sit for a while, they gradually lose pressure by nature. They develop flat sopts, and sometimes they can not be fixed. Be sure your vehicle's tires are properly inflated if you know that your car will be idle for a while.  


Some of these problems may catch you by surprise. If you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above, please take your car to JFM Motor Cars. We specialize in high-end European luxury vehicles including Ferraris, Jaguars, Lamborghinis, Maseratis, BMWs, and more. Give us a call or visit us in West Palm Beach, FL, today!