What Are the Most Common Problems in BMWs?

BMWs are well-known and popular for a valid reason -- they are wonderfully crafted automobiles that offer both luxury and performance. It would help you know that a European vehicle such as BMW requires additional care and routine maintenance to keep it running for years and years. BMWs may also require repairs from natural wear and tear from time to time. Let's look at some of the most prevalent problems that can happen to your BMW: 

  • Engine cooling system - Engine overheating is a common occurrence with BMWs, typically due to a faulty water pump or coolant leak. This is why you must get regular inspections of your engine cooling system to ensure you don't end up in a disastrous breakdown.
  • Oil leak - Oil leaks are common in BMWs and can be caused by a leaky valve cover gasket or a bad fuel pump. The first sign you may pick up is the smell of oil when your vehicle runs. Our technicians can locate the leak and renew your engine oil to be properly lubricated again.
  • Vibrating steering wheel - This problem is most prominent in some BMW 3 Series models, and it can be started by a defect in the arm bushing. The damage can spread and affect the entire steering column if you ignore the problem.
  • Bad tail lamp - It is pretty common for a "check rear lamp or brake lamp" warning light to come on in your BMW. Most of the time, it is due to a poor bulb connection on the tail lamp circuit board. Thankfully, it's an easy fix.
  • Other electrical problems - In 2018, more than 300K BMWs were recalled due to electronics malfunctions. If you are experiencing electronics issues with your BMW, our team will first check the fuse box. And if necessary, we can replace any blown fuse.

The problems listed we've outlined above are just some of the typical issues BMW owners face. Fortunately, most of these issues are a quick fix and can be handled right here at JFM Motors. If you require any BMW repairs in West Palm Beach, FL, please give us a call or visit today.