What are the Most Common Ferrari Repairs?

When it comes to high-performance Italian luxury, the Ferrari doesn't hold back. It's at the apex of European supercars and must be treated accordingly.

Because of how finely-tuned and performance-driven they are, Ferraris need to be kept in optimal shape. Any and every small detail must be maintained in flawless working order. Otherwise, the alignment and handling will be substandard. And when dealing with a supercar, this is not a position you would ever want to be in.

What Can Go Wrong?

Just like any machine with moving parts, Ferraris have mechanical issues from time to time. Due to their sheer power, problems are fairly common in a few different areas.

Transmission Failures

A Ferrari transmission is exceedingly complex, to say the least. This means that a lot of issues can creep up. Gear problems, like skipping and slipping, are not uncommon. Transmission valves and pumps are also known to fail. Plus, due to the nature of the beast, worn clutches and shifters aren't out of the ordinary.

Motor Mount Deterioration

Ferrari motor mounts are made of rubber. Because of the engine's vibration and intensified heat, this rubber wears down over time. Indicated by inordinate engine movement, motor mount failure is a straightforward fix, however, if it isn't taken care of soon, the results can be catastrophic.

Manifold and Bracket Cracks

Once again, due to the high-performance level of the vehicle, Ferraris emit a massive amount of heat. Eventually, this causes wear and tear on the exhaust. Repeated expansion and contraction create stress that could result in cracking.

Other Common Problems

Sometimes, suspension issues evolve in high-performance vehicles. Camshafts and crankshafts can develop oil leaks, too. Batteries and steering have their fair share of trouble. And even convertible top hydraulics face obstacles.

How to Make it Right

Routine tune-ups and preventative repairs are necessary to keep Ferraris running at peak performance. But every so often, a problem can still fall through the cracks. Don't worry though, because we're here for you. If you need Ferrari repair, we invite you to bring your car to our auto repair shop today!