Symptoms That Indicate Your Ferrari May Need a Tune-Up

Keeping a big investment, like a Ferrari, running at its best is essential. A regular tune-up can not only help your Ferrari run smoothly, but it can save some gas and help you prevent major repairs before they can happen. What are some symptoms your car may need a tune-up?

What Happens During a Tune-Up

The following things are checked and replaced when needed during a tune-up.

  1. Spark plugs and wires: When spark plugs or wires break down, your car does not run smoothly.
  2. Coils: Coils are also checked to make sure the electrical system in your vehicle is working properly.
  3. Filters: Air, gas and oil filters need routine replacement.
  4. Belts: Belts are inspected for cracks and signs of weakness.
  5. Hoses: Hoses are inspected for holes, cracks or weak spots.
  6. Fluids: Fluids are checked and topped off.

Signs a Tune Up is Needed

There are several things you can look for indicating your car may need a tune-up. These include:

  1. Check Engine Light: If your check engine light comes on, something isn't working that needs immediate attention.
  2. Engine Stalls: If your engine stalls when you try to start it, your car may need a tune-up.
  3. Gas Mileage: Decreased gas mileage, or having to hit the pumps more often indicate you need to get a tune-up to help your car save gas.
  4. Slow: If you notice your brakes as slow or not working correctly, your vehicle may need a tune-up.
  5. Rough Transmission: When your transmission doesn't shift gears as smoothly, you may need a tune-up.
  6. Shakes and Vibrations: While vibrations may be good in songs, they are not good in your vehicle. Let a certified mechanic solve the problem.

If you need a tune-up for your Ferrari or other car, we invite you to bring your vehicle to JFM Motors today!