Reasons Why Your BMW’s Windows Won’t Go Up

BMW problems seem to occur at the most inconvenient times. One major nuisance includes stuck car windows. Especially if your windows are stuck in an open position, you are at risk of theft and damage to your car’s interior. Here’s how to get your BMW’s windows working again.

There are many explanations for why your power windows aren’t working. Below are the top problems we’ve seen at JFM Motors.

  • Ignition Switch Position - If your vehicle’s windows are operative when your car is not running, you should check that the ignition is in the accessory position. When your vehicle is in this position, you can operate a number of accessories including your radio, power seats, and more.
  • Blown Fuse - A blow fuse is a simple issue since it lies in the vehicle’s electrical circuit. If all your windows or a set of windows aren’t operative, there’s a good likelihood that you’re dealing with a blown fuse. Fortunately, we can locate and replace the defective fuse at our auto repair shop.
  • Bad Motor - Last but not least, the problem can be with the window switch itself. This one item can be more difficult to diagnose than those above.

If you’re wondering, “why can’t I roll my windows up or down”, look no further than the professional repair specialists at JFM Motors. We have expert mechanics who can save you the stress and hassle of figuring it out yourself. We can perform nearly any service or repair for your BMW.