How to Best Care For Your Ferrari

The Ferrari Motor Company releases but 7,000 vehicles every year for each model. That makes owning a Ferrari car a privilege and evokes a sense of pride. However, Ferrari is a luxury car that requires strict adherence to a maintenance schedule and extensive care.

If you're wondering how you can best care for your Ferrari, here are a few practical tips.

Add a Protective Film

Your Ferrari's body and paint get the most beating from environmental elements, such as debris, stones, chemicals, and UV rays. You can alleviate the hassle and costs of refinishing the car's body by adding a protective film. You can apply the transparent film on the most vulnerable parts of the vehicle, such as bumpers and headlights, or even cover the Ferrari entirely.

Ceramic Coating to Shield the Paint

Applying a ceramic coating to your Ferrari is also an excellent auto care practice. Ceramic coating has a higher performance than ordinary paint protection packages that utilize products like Permaplate and Cilajet. The ceramic coating contains silicon carbide that protects your vehicle's paint by providing enhanced resistance against abrasion and environmental damage.

Install Skid Plates

Ferraris are sports cars with low ground clearance. Hence, steep roads and parking curbs can easily damage the front and rear bumpers. You can better protect the bumpers by adding skid plates. The sacrificial part is made of robust plastic polymer that integrally fits the bumpers' undersides, protecting bumpers from impacts that might dent and ruin them.

Emphasize on Hand Car Washes

Because of the Ferrari's ceramic coating, it would be best to opt for a hand wash instead of an automated car wash. Hand-washing a car gives the coat a gentle but thorough cleaning that eliminates bio-hazards, such as bird droppings and bug sputters that can quickly deteriorate the paint. Hand washing also utilizes soft sponges and soapy water, which are gentle on the ceramic coating, unlike the auto-rotate brushes in automated car washes, which have stiff bristles that scratch the paint.

Are you looking for an auto care center that can help you best care for your Ferrari? Bring your Ferrari to highly qualified professionals, and we will offer top-tier Ferrari service and maintenance service that improves your vehicle's resale value, performance, and longevity.