How Can I Best Care For My Luxury Vehicle?

You finally have your dream car parked in your garage; it's a huge investment that has taken you years of hard work, sacrifice, and bold risks in life and business. The last thing you'd want to imagine is your car losing its market value and performance due to improper maintenance. Well, it's needless to say that your convertible Bentley or Mercedes Maybach requires a more upfront approach to maintenance than the standard sedan or SUV. That's why we are happy to share with you some practical tips for taking care of your luxury car.

Adhere to Your Car's Manufacturer Recommended Maintenance Schedule

Your luxury car is a creation by knowledgeable and experienced engineers. So, it makes perfect sense to rely on the maintenance schedule provided in the owner's manual for your luxury car's maximum performance. You might delay maintenance checks and inspections such as brake rotor or wiper fluid replacement, but you must strictly adhere to oil change schedules. That will extend your vehicle's engine lifespan.

Keep the Seats [and Interior] Clean

Luxury cars feature high-end seats and cabin upholstery that require high-level maintenance. Therefore, vacuum the seats at least twice a week. Also, vacuum and clean other areas like the dash, floor carpet, doors, and consoles, to ensure that the upholstery remains in a pristine and spotlessly clean condition. Match the seat material with the proper cleaning cloth. For leather seats, use a microfiber cloth combined with leather cleaner.

Be the Cautious Driver

It is not uncommon to see drivers running over potholes and curbs, sudden braking, and overspeeding. That's reckless driving, and it stresses the car, and soon enough, the owners start complaining of part failure and a range of issues. Careful driving saves you money in the long term because you avoid costly repairs. That means ensuring you properly inflate the tires and find the right parking spot for the car – not too hot, not too chilly. Extreme temperatures can damage delicate vehicle components.

Do you own a luxury car and need help giving it the care it requires? Partner with us today, and we will provide high-quality maintenance services that extend your vehicle's longevity and performance.