Ferrari Leaks & What To Do About Them

Your Ferrari may run better and faster than other cars, but it still requires the same type of fluids as any other vehicle. Over time, some seals may age, or parts may corrode, causing fluids to leak. Some vehicle fluid leaks are more of a concern than others; nevertheless, leaks should never be shrugged off. If there's a puddle around your Ferrari, it could be one of these fluids:


Coolant is often dyed a bright green, orange, or pink. Besides color, you can usually tell whether your leak is coolant by the smell. Coolant has a distinct syrupy smell that takes little to no effort to detect. If your Ferrari is leaking coolant, please bring it to a professional, or else you can risk overheating your engine.

Motor Oil 

A dark brown or black pool underneath your parked car is usually a sign of an oil leak. Broken oil pans, clogged filters, or damaged gaskets are generally culprits behind oil leaks. 

Transmission Fluid

If you notice a pink or red puddle around your Ferrari, it is most likely your transmission fluid. Like motor oil for the engine, this fluid is necessary to keep your transmission components cool and lubricated. Please do not ignore this dripping fluid because it can lead to costly repairs. 

Power Steering Fluid

Power steering fluid is necessary for smooth and seamless turns in your Ferrari. It can also be red, but you can usually tell if it is this fluid by looking at other signs: hard time steering or unusual noises when steering.

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is a yellowish fluid that often has an unpleasant smell. If your brake fluid is dripping, you may notice noisy and ineffective brakes right away. Please have a skilled technician check your brakes ASAP.

Windshield Washer Fluid

Windshield washer fluid is probably the most translucent liquid of all of them, and it is usually pink or blue. Though this type of leak may not be a huge concern, you should have it patched up soon just in case you need it.


If you catch fluid puddles under or around your Ferrari, please bring your car to JFM Motors. You can count on our specialists to patch up your leaks, replace the fluid, and take great care of your Ferrari!