Even Luxury Cars Have Factory Recommended Services

When you buy a nice and expensive car, like a BMW, Rolls Royce, or even a Ferrari, you want to run at its best for a LONG time. To best protect your dollars, the manufacturer of the said car always has a handbook or manual that comes along with the purchase. In the owner’s manual of every car, there will be an outlined maintenance plan that you should follow to preserve your vehicle. And these maintenance tasks should be done collectively at certain intervals, no matter how often you do or don’t drive the car.


Most automakers aim to prolong their products, which is why they design this specific guide for each of their vehicle models. The formal term for this is factory-recommended services or maintenance. These include general maintenance items like brake service, engine tune-up, suspension replacement, power steering flush, tire rotations, oil changes, and more. When you keep the various systems in your vehicle with proper lubrication and up-to-date parts, your car will be unstoppable and remain on the road.


Some car owners will only follow their maintenance schedule to keep their warranty valid. Once that period is over and they’re cut loose, they tend to let go of the importance of this maintenance. However, you should stick to the factory maintenance services:

To Obtain Better Mileage

The preventative maintenance tasks we mentioned above can improve your vehicle’s gas mileage and save you money in the long run. With clean oil in your engine and rotated and even tires, your car won’t require an excessive amount of fuel to run smoothly.

To Avoid Expensive Repairs

Whereas, ignoring maintenance can come at a cost. When your car isn’t inspected or checked up on often, expensive repairs can sneak up on you. To avoid having to deal with multiple defects at a time, please make sure you come prepared with your factory-recommended maintenance items. 

To Extend the Vehicle’s Lifespan

Of course, the main goal of maintenance is to keep your vehicle running smoothly as possible. For example, our techs at JFM Motors can replace your air filters and make other adjustments under the hood to improve your engine performance. Another example is replacing worn brake components sooner than later to avoid a catastrophic accident. 

Factory maintenance services are usually done at 15,000-mile intervals, and they are more complex at 30,000-mile intervals. Each service will vary depending on your vehicle’s needs at the time. Since older cars are prone to worn parts and other damage, a 90K service may take longer than a 30K. Furthermore, each brand of the vehicle may have a different way of doing things as well. However, they all serve to protect your investment!


If you are looking for a reliable source to do your factory-recommended maintenance, look no further than JFM Motors. Feel free to call our store or schedule an appointment by filling out our online form today.