8 Fun and Fast Facts About Ferrari

When it comes to high-performance Italian luxury cars, most people think of Ferrari. They are unique, fast, and precious cars. The first Ferrari race car was created in 1947, and Italian race car driver Enzo Ferrari founded the brand. Over the last 74 years, Ferrari has become one of the leading high-end car manufacturers in the world. However, getting to this prestigious position was not an easy journey for Ferrari. We've laid out eight crazy facts that you likely didn't know about the brand.

  1. Customization - A big part of Ferrari's success stems from its customization. Buyers can customize any detail of a Ferrari that they purchase (Yes - ANY). The company's customization program, called "Tailor Made," allows buyers to personalize every component of a Ferrari, including its interior trims and finishes, to various accessories and the tire treads. Once a buyer makes all of these decisions, they can expect a long wait time. It can take up to two years before buyers receive their custom car. 
  2. Famous Ferrari Red - Today, you can get a Ferrari in various colors, but the most iconic color is cherry red. The official title for the famous red paint is "Rosso Scuderia". In fact, 45% of Ferraris sold are in the iconic color. 
  3. Theme Park - There is a Ferrari theme park called Ferrari World located in Abu Dhabi. It's the world's largest theme park indoors. It houses the world's fastest rollercoaster, clocking in at 150mph.
  4. Racing - From 15 F1 Drivers' World titles, 16 F1 Constructors' World titles, Le Mans 24 Hours victories, 216 F1 Grand Prix victories, Ferrari has won more than 5,000 trophies since its first win in 1947.
  5. The Cost of Renting - We're all aware of how expensive it is to own a Ferrari, but did you know you can rent them in Los Angeles? Depending on the model you desire, prices range from $1,250 a day to $2,000 a day.
  6. Ford v. Ferrari - This 2019 film starring Christian Bale and Matt Damon depicts the rivalry between these two automobile companies. The story mainly takes place during the Le Mans in 1966.
  7. Retail Business - The company is so famous that they've expanded into the retail market. They sell clothing, headphones, watches, etc. This segment of the company makes $1.5 billion in retail sales each year worldwide.
  8. Licensing - Aside from their products, Ferrari also licenses its brand to other companies like Oakley, Lego, Kyosho, Mattel, and Electronic Arts.

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