5 Facts That You Didn’t Know About Mercedes Maybachs

Maybachs are the ultimate luxury sedan on the market made by Mercedes Benz. They come in 2 models: the 57 & 62, ranging from $300,000-400,000 MSRP. They are quite rare as there are only a thousand or so made each year. In this blog, we will introduce you to this luxury vehicle so that you can recognize it next time you pass by one.

  • It Has Been Around for Over 100 Years - A man by the name of Wilhelm Maybach was part of the creation of the first Mercedes automobile in 1900, which is why this line of car was named after him to honor his contributions. It wasn’t until 1921 when the first Maybach rolled out of production.
  • A Car with Recliner Seats - The main difference between the newer models of the 57 and 62 is that the Maybach 62 is longer in length. This gives passengers significantly more leg room in the rear seats. In fact, they fully recline and massage your back on the ride!
  • Competes with Rolls Royce - Just as Mercedes-Benz competes and offers similarities with BMWs and Audis, Maybachs compete and share similar features to Rolls Royce.
  • Maybachs are Some of the Heaviest Cars in the World - Some Rolls Royce exceed 2,800kg!
  • First Vehicle to Use Solar Power - Maybach is the first car to make automobiles with solar cells on its roof.The Maybach 57 and 62 models have approximately 30 solar cells that generate power the vehicle’s A/C.

We hope you enjoyed these fun facts about this ultra-luxury sedan car. If you are looking for Mercedes Benz or Maybach services and repairs, look no further than the luxury vehicle repair specialists at JFM Motors