4 Signs That Indicate Your Maserati Needs a Coolant Flush

The West Palm Beach heat can do a number on your Maserati’s engine. When the engine is running, its internal components move and create friction and additional heat. With all these factors, your vehicle is more likely to overheat during the summer months.


Fortunately, cars have trusty cooling systems with coolant fluid to help keep your car at a stable temperature. Therefore, coolant maintenance is essential for drivers during this time of year. We recommend that you follow your manufacturer’s coolant flush schedule so that your Maserati doesn’t overheat.

Signs Your Car Needs a Coolant Flush

  • High-Temperature Gauge - If your vehicle’s temperature gauge is rising as you drive and it becomes a recurring problem, it is time to check your coolant and consider a flush. Overheating can become a major problem for your engine later on.
  • Fluid Leaks - When your coolant is low, the engine is certain to overheat. The fluids are secured by sealed parts and are supposed to stay contained. Therefore, if you notice a puddle under your car, you may need a coolant flush.
  • Sweet Smell - Coolant or antifreeze is formulated with ethylene glycol, which has a sweet syrupy smell. If your car leaks coolant, you may notice this scent around your Maserati. 
  • Unusual Engine Sounds – Engines should run quietly for the most part. However, when you hear it make strange noises, your engine could be in trouble. Low or insufficient coolant can be the cause of the knocking, whirring, or boiling noises.

If your Maserati shows any of the above red flags, please bring your vehicle to the trusted mechanics at JFM Motors for a cooling system inspection and coolant flush. We’ll get you the protection you need for your engine so that your Maserati continues to run for years to come. Feel free to give us a call or schedule your appointment online with us today.