3 Symptoms Your Ferrari Needs An AC Recharge

The Florida heat can be rough on our vehicles every year. If you want your Ferrari's air conditioning system to keep you cool in West Palm Beach, FL, please consider having it serviced at least once every 1-2 years. The luxury maintenance program involves removing the old freon, changing filters, inspecting the system's crucial parts, and adding new refrigerant.


Freon is a gas or liquid substance that circulates throughout the automobile's AC system. Over time, this pressurized system is susceptible to leaks. When this occurs, the performance of your air conditioning system will weaken or fail altogether. This impacts your comfortability, but it can also lower your fuel mileage. 


3 Symptoms Your Ferrari's AC Needs To Be Recharged

  • AC blowing warm air - The most frequent and obvious problem that your car needs new freon is when you only get warm air blowing through your vents. When the refrigerant levels are too low, you won't be cooled off.
  • Clutch failing to engage - Sometimes, you may hear a click when your clutch engages. When your freon levels drop, the clutch won't engage properly.
  • Visible signs of leaks - While refrigerant can be difficult to detect, it isn't impossible. Freon can appear to be thin, light, and greasy in appearance. You can find it under the hood, under the car, around the compressor, or even inside the cabin. Obviously, you should always make a trip to JFM Motors when there is any unusual leak with your Ferrari.


Please bring your car to the Ferrari experts at JFM Motors whenever you need an AC recharge. We'll scan your vehicle for leaks before checking for damaged parts and resupplying the system with new freon. Please give us a call or visit soon to stay cool!