Disc Brakes or Drum Brakes: Which Do You Need?

When it is time to service your Ferrari or another vehicle, you might hear the terms brake pads or brake shoes or disc brakes or drum brakes thrown around. This is because not all braking systems are the same. Your service brakes can be either disc brakes or drum brakes, or a combination of both. To learn more about the two types, keep on reading.

A disc brake system consists of brake pads and discs. Most of these systems require hydraulic pressure from brake fluid to have the calipers press the pads onto the rotor to slow down your Ferrari’s wheel speed. Most newer vehicles on the road today have only disc brakes. However, drum brakes are still common on smaller and older cars.

Drum brake systems consist of brake shoes and drums. Instead of the calipers, the brake shoes are pushed outward against the inside of the brake drum. Both systems are similar with the same end goal – to slow and stop your car.

Nearly all vehicles on the road today have disc brakes on their two front wheels or all wheels. However, does that mean disc brakes are better?

In most ways, yes. Disc brakes are more advantageous than drum brakes. Back then, there were significant issues with disc brakes overheating. Through innovations and advancements in the auto repair industry, disc brakes were invented to address these issues with higher heat resistance. In fact, disc brakes can dissipate heat quicker and more consistently than drum brakes. Specifically, Ferraris and similar vehicles with a need for speed are more likely to have disc brakes on all their wheels. Despite the higher advantage of disc brakes, both types of brakes will still bring your vehicle to a stop when they are properly cared for and serviced by professional technicians. 

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